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She’s been called “a true emissary from the Realm of Faerie.” Katie Lennon is an eclectic artist with a unique gift for illuminating both the visible world of nature and the invisible plane of Faerie-kind. Her distinctive visual art takes many forms. Katie is an accomplished painter with a striking color palette that can gravitates towards the aesthetics of nighttime, or the somber hues of twilight. As a sculptor, she combines polymer clay and rich fabrics to animate creatures of delicate grace. Katie engages in the ancient art of block printing, allowing her to create art that has been called “Graphically tight, original and fresh yet vintage at the same time.” Her “Faerie luminaries” are especially popular, turning glassware and tea lights into evocative glimpses of the Otherworld. Her visual art has been featured in numerous solo and group exhibitions, and she is currently accepting new commissions to bring customized beauty and magic to your surroundings.
Katie is also a multi-talented performing artist. Through choreography and dance, she connects with deeper, passionate forces to give this usually ephemeral art a permanent home in the collective memory of her audience. To watch is to dance with her between the worlds. She toured nationally as a VIP with Dance Olympus, as well as performing in a touring cast of The Nutcracker with the Dance Prism ballet company. Her growing expertise in fire dancing adds an exciting alchemy of primal and elemental power to her performances. The same forces emerge in Katie’s singing voice, an ethereal soprano that leads listeners through a Celtic soundscape. Festivals and conventions bring Katie and her art to every corner of the country, and her dance workshops “Dancing Between the Worlds” and “Ritual Dance” are always an event highlight.
After studying dance at Marymount Manhattan College, Katie graduated magna cum laude from Regis College in Weston, Massachusetts with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Fine Art. In recent years, her art has focused on themes prevalent in fantasy and myth, with concentrations in Faerie folklore and Celtic mythology. She is currently working on a multi-year apprenticeship with the renowned artist Iain McCaig, whose concept art has appeared in such films as Star Wars: Episodes I-III and Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire.